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ActiveCampaign – An Email Marketing Tool to Build Business Relationships

In this digital era, email has a great influence on the power of the internet in connecting people all over the World. The valuable benefits of email have led the business owners to use it as best marketing strategies these days. The importance of email marketing is that it gives hand to build relationships with leads, clients, customers in order to enhance your business.

Auto Responder is one of the eminent email marketing tools which are widely used to convert your subscribers into customers. ActiveCampaign is such a smart email marketing platform to make the automation process.  It is a golden opportunity for the business owners to make a relationship with the visitors who have shown interest in your services. Let us have a detailed view of the active campaign through this article. 

What is ActiveCampaign?

Active Campaign is an integrated marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tool specially designed for automating the email marketing process. This active campaign combines different aspects of small business marketing with a user-friendly platform.

The active campaign can be used to create engaging emails in such a way to attract visitors. You have to know about your contact information and make use of the marketing strategies to publish your business.

Presently, there are over 100,000 users for ActiveCampaign who make use of it to develop their business growth. The ActiveCampaign has various features and benefits to support the clients.

Features of ActiveCampaign

Marketing Automation 

Every business has different marketing needs and so it is difficult to use the same automation methods to all the process.  ActiveCampaign has a great feature called automation builder which helps you to customize the automation process based on the goals and objectives of your company. Merely, you can complete the process by clicking, dragging and dropping the required automation process.

Email Segmentation

While running an online business you tend to send various kinds of emails to your clients. In some case, it might create a mess in organizing the emails that are sent. In order to avoid this situation, ActiveCampaign is integrated with in-depth email segmentation. This ideal feature allows you to separate the complete list into many categories as page visits, device, email opens, country of origin and so on.

Email Retargeting

The ActiveCampaign has email retargeting features which means that it takes the visitor of a site and sends an email related to the search item. For an instance, you are handling a shopping business and if someone searches for a product in your site the automation process of ActiveCampaign sends an email to them regarding the searched product that is available in your store.

Social and Behavioral data in CRM

You might have known that personalization is the basis for a good customer relationship management. So, the ActiveCampaign make use of the CRM and analyze the behavioral data of your clients such as

  • Location
  • Age and interests
  • Social Feeds
  • Past interactions and activities in the site

The automation tools are used to make transition from marketing to sales. These tools are leveraged while carrying out the marketing process to automate the sales process.

Lead Scoring

ActiveCampaign has the lead scoring feature which assigns the scores to your clients based on the respective conversions. The lead scoring tool helps the marketing personalities with standardized, numerical language that supports them to determine the quality and quantity of the prospects. You can use these advanced scores to deliver a lead to your sales team after reaching the threshold score.

Some other features of ActiveCampaign are

  • Smart Autoresponders
  • SMS marketing
  • Drag and drop email designer
  • Free templates for email
  • Dynamic email content
  • Send newsletters
  • Track your contact’s information
  • Social media monitoring and reaction automation
  • Custom landing pages
  • Free phone, live chat and also email support
  • Can add live commerce data as well as videos to your email
  • Free one-on-one training

Benefits of ActiveCampaign

Generally, the design of ActiveCampaign is suitable for business ranging from small to medium sized for engaging the customers. This ActiveCampaign can be merged with applications and other services to support the sales and lead generation. Here are the benefits of ActiveCampaign,

Easy to use API

The main benefit of the ActiveCampaign is its simple Application Programming Interface (API). It can be easily integrated with other existing application and can improve the capabilities of the tool based on your requirements in the future. Hence, the ActiveCampaign is known as a user-friendly tool which requires only minimal training to use it.

Cost-effective Auto responder

While compared to other email marketing tool the ActiveCampaign is available in a cost-effective manner. You can get the basic plan of ActiveCampaign at an affordable rate and you can include the plus plan depending upon your needs.

Conditional content

The conditional content of ActiveCampaign enables you to modify the content dynamically with the contact details. For example, you can display the images or text with the information obtained from the contact and web pages that are visited by the prospects.

At such situation, you can make use of the conditional content to send an email notification for selling the certain product that is viewed by the visitors in the previous days.

Site tracking

Site tracking is the major benefit of ActiveCampaign as it tracks the activities or behavior of your contacts in the site and helps you to know about their interests. It provides the complete history of a particular contact record and so you can understand their needs. With this site tracking, you can segment the contact list and apply the marketing approaches to them like sending the demo of the product or invitation to your service.

Event Tracking

The event tracking helps the business owners to communicate the specific actions of the contacts and use it as personalized marketing. The event tracking can be used when a client login into your website or make a transaction in the campaign.

How to use the ActiveCampaign?

While implementing a new technology it seems to be difficult to understand its working and setup process. The setup process of new technology includes three steps

Understand the capability of your technology and its functions

Search the opportunities that are available for your business

Make use of the ideal technology that suits your business and meets the needs.

When coming to the ActiveCampaign, it is one of the flexible marketing tools that are available in the market. The ActiveCampaign mainly consists of four sections, they are

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • CRM sales
  • SMS marketing

With the flexible nature of the ActiveCampaign, any business can utilize the same features in many ways. In case of the automation process, the ActiveCampaign users go for the marketing automation process to

  • Automatically promote the leads to know the level of them before making the schedule
  • Assign the tasks to make the manual process into automatic one
  • Provide the lead magnets to grab new subscribers to an email list
  • Send messages to the visitors based on the track website activities
  • Track the contacts which are often related to the marketing materials

If you want detailed information on the implementation of ActiveCampaign you can undergo online courses.

Package Plan for the ActiveCampaign

At the initial stage, you can get the ActiveCampaign tool for free as a trial period. The specialty of ActiveCampaign is that it can be availed without submitting the credit card information. After completing the 14 days trial period you can get any of these package plans according to your business needs. ActiveCampaign consists of four plans each having its different price rates. They are,

Lite ActiveCampaign

Lite Package covers the process like Newsletters, Email marketing, unlimited sending of messages, marketing automation, Chat, and email support as well as supports up to 3 users.

Plus ActiveCampaign

Plus active campaign includes one on one training, custom domain, custom branding, SMS marketing, CRM with sales automation, deep data integrations, custom user permissions, and it can support up to 25 users.

Professional ActiveCampaign

The professional ActiveCampaign is similar to the plus plan but the minor inclusion is that attribution, site messaging, and can support up to 50 users.

Enterprise ActiveCampaign

Enterprise ActiveCampaign is suitable for a larger organization which requires more automation process and email marketing. It is as like as professional plan but the additional features are free social data, free design services, in-depth on boarding, custom mail server domain, phone support, uptime SLA, dedicated account representative, custom mail server domain and it can support unlimited users.

Alternatives of ActiveCampaign

  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Exponea
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • iContact Pro
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Constant contact
  • MailOptin
  • MailJet

Thus, these are all about the ActiveCampaign email marketing tool that helps in your business. Make use of this ActiveCampaign intelligent platform as an email marketing strategy and automate your business in an effective manner. Save your valuable time, money and Drive your business to the next level.  

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