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Do you know that Chat bot’s are going to replace email marketing?

It can reduce the cost of an email marketing but increase the open rate and click thru rate.

People can reach out to you all the time and these bots can take care of those leads, prospects and customers while you are sleeping, traveling, having fun around the world. These bots are going to do the hard work for you to build your business by increasing the revenue and reducing the cost of running your business.

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Why You Should Use Chat bots for Facebook Messenger Marketing

More people are checking their messaging apps than they are checking their social media accounts. This is a major business opportunity for the marketers to engage with their targeted audience.

By 2020 it is predicted that 85% of business relationships with the customer will be handled without the human interaction.

You Can Get 10-80x Better Engagement vs. Email or Social Media

‘Live Chats’ Are Slow & Need to Be Staffed 24/7

What Are Chat bots?

Chat bot is a chat program that engages with website visitors to answer questions, provide information, recommend products and help customers on their purchasing journey.

There are currently more than 300,000 active chat bots on Facebook’s Messenger.

Also if you are not acquainted with bots and also just how they function, chances are you have actually interacted with a robot at some point in your on the internet life. From chat programs created to enhance teams of human customer support drivers to bots that answer typical inquiries as well as suggest product, these tiny bits of code are all over the Web. Business of all sizes are currently making use of robots to boost their profits as well as serve their consumers, and your firm can do the exact same.

In the most basic terms, a bot is a little application that works inside popular messaging program, in this case Facebook Messenger. Once it is developed and set up, the Facebook bot can immediately communicate with users, enabling website visitors to access a wide variety of services.

The variety of services accessible to users of these Facebook Chat bots is limited just by the skill of the bot writers and the requirements of the company. Facebook bots are often used for customer care applications, with the bot configured to acknowledge common questions and supply the essential answers.

Facebook bots can likewise be utilized to aid your marketing efforts, enhancing and enhancing the human marketing group and improving their efficiency at the same time. From advising new items based on previous purchases to serving up ideas based on search questions, these Facebook apps can be valuable marketing tools for business of all sizes.

One of the terrific features of  Facebook bots is that they have actually gotten so excellent that numerous users might not even understand they are talking with a device. These small programs are terrific at answering questions, suggesting products and solving problems, which is among the important things that makes them so beneficial

When to use Chat bot ’s?

#1: Deliver Personalized Content Experiences
#2: Answer Common Customer Service Questions
#3: Streamline Product Purchases
#4: Cultivate Connections via Entertainment
#5: Offer Specialized Services

How to get a chat bot?

The one and only place where you can intelligent chat bots and that makes you and your prospects feel like they are interacting with a real human.

Final Thoughts

Including Facebook chat bots to your marketing toolkit can have important implications for your company and its success. With marketing spending plans diminishing and companies being asked to do more with less, automating your efforts has actually never been more important. If you are not yet including Facebook bots into your marketing efforts, now is the time to have a look.

Key Takeaways:

Chat Bots are no longer in the future, it is very much NOW.

You must have chat bots in your company if you want to grow your revenue

You need chat bots to reduce your cost

You need chat bots if you want to 10x your engagement with your customers

Get your Facebook Messenger chat bot NOW

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