Five Elements Of Effective Thinking – The Book Summary


I always find books very engaging and it is a pleasure to share some of the thoughts with you today.

In this book you can learn the practical ways to become better thinkers.
You need to adapt some specific strategies to think better.
We all know that the successful people are not doing different things, they just do things differently. They are able to do things differently because they think differently.
This book will open up ideas and techniques that you can apply immediately and be able to come up with imaginative solutions for your challenges.
No matter who you are, the simple and straightforward techniques in this book will empower you to realize any goals in a more creative, intelligent and effective manner.
It is explained with 5 elements which are easy to understand and remember
Earth – Develop a rock solid understanding
Fire – Fail and learn from those missteps
Air – Constantly create and ask challenging questions
Water – Consciously consider the flow of ideas
Change – Learning is a lifelong journey (ever changing)
Practical tips on how you can get a deeper understanding on any issue and topic
Failing is not a bad thing it is only a forward progress that you can fail and learn from those missteps and move forward.
Questions is how a simple shift in focus from “why it is happening to me” to “how can I get out of this mess”, can have a world of difference in your thinking. This book shows you ways you can create challenging questions for yourself and answer them in best way possible.
When it comes to ideas we get lot of random ideas. If you don’t look back and look forward on any specific ideas it is hard to execute an idea. This book shows ways you can consciously consider the flow of ideas.
Last but not the least, change is constant and no matter where you are, you can always make a change.
This book is a MUST read for all who want to realize their full potential including students, parents, teachers, business people and anyone who are lifelong learners