Greatest Carrier Advice – By Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Carrier Advice – By Sundar Pichai
One of the great thing about India is there is tremendous interest in education.
People talk about it all the time
It’s a great foundation we have as a country
In my experience growing up here. I think there is a lot of emphasis on spending time on the books and learning things academically
I think there is a lot of pressure to follow set lanes throughout your career
When you are in high school you are thinking about college.
A lot of times when you were younger, people will say this person didn’t get into this college or something and that’s the end of the road.
Life is so different from that.
I get surprised people start preparing for IIT in their 8th grade that’s a bit shocking to me. I get very surprised people come to IIT’s and immediately they start thinking about IIM’s and so on.
In the US for example, most students don’t choose their majors till their final year. So people explore different things and find what they’re really passionate about.
The way I dealt with these things was try and feel what I really enjoyed doing and pursue that.
I would do what feels something like you like spending time on I would use that as a yardstick and not feel the pressure to do what others are telling me to do.
I always wanted to work on computing. Build computing products the thing which still keeps me going is the desire to build products which will be used by millions of users and makes a difference for them. That’s what I have been focused on.
It doesn’t even need to be an engineering. There are many many different ways.
You will see this later in life that people do well from all walks of life. I think education needs to evolve and change just like with everything else
Getting into an elite institution doesn’t guarantee success.
It matters a lot but it doesn’t guarantee success.
I would like to see people value creativity, value experience of doing things taking risk.
I’d encourage people to try different things take some risks follow their passions a little bit more and enjoy what you’re doing. And what matters most is loving what you’re doing and trying to do well at it.
I thinking if you follow your heart and do what you like, you will always do much better
Its worthwhile taking risks on trying to do something you’re really excited by.
At first attempt if you don’t do it and you can try again and things tend to workout in the long run.
If you work on really difficult things you are better off because you have no competition others aren’t working on that difficult a problem
Even if you fail you end up doing something great in the process
You want to aim high enough that you fail a few time I think that’s a natural part of process. Setbacks actually don’t matter.
 In Silicon Valley part of the reason so many people start up a company is you can start a company and fail and wear it like a badge of honor. I think its important.
Culturally risk is rewarded So I think its important to keep your hopes.
Keep your dream and try to follow them.
 Most of how life plays out is up to you and not up to what happens outside of you Its important to keep that in mind and take the long term view.
At some point in your life you have to work with people where you feel a bit insecure Because it means you are working with people who are better than you and who are pushing you. If you feel very secure in what you do means you are doing something comfortable and you are not pushing yourself
There are many many times I felt working with people in a group and am I doing enough and these people seem much better than me and I think it’s an inherent part of learning as a leader, its really important to build organizations where people actually want to work together and trusting them to do the right thing as a leader.
Its less about trying to be successful and more about to make those people successful.
I am absolutely with full certainty convinced that India will be a global player in the digital economy. It will be competitive with any country in the world.
Do you want to be “Digital Employee” or “Digital Entrepreneur”?