Seven Shifts To Write Your Own Check In Your Online Business

7 Shifts to write your own check in your online business
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Rewire – Seven Shifts To Write Your Own Check In Your Online Business

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Seven Shifts To Write Your Own Check In Your Online Business

1. 100K business opportunity


This is one of the reasons people don’t succeed in online business. They don’t see this as a real business with real potential and take massive actions to see the amazing results. Take an example of a franchise business how much the initial investment, the training, the physical store setup, the staffing etc. needed in order to see your first dollar in the Franchise business you need to invest a lot of money, training and time. When it comes to online business people’s mentality is I bought this course or that course and let that course prove it to me that it can make money
online and then I will invest in more time, money and training.


Do – Work Smart, Not Hard


Don’t – Think this as $100 business think as $100K business


2. Shiny Object Syndrome


This is the one I struggled with most because each and every day there are new products getting released and there are new ways to achieve your dreams and goals. The way these products are promoted is like you don’t need any skill or technical experience to make money online and people are naturally attracted to the dollar signs and buy a product a week or every other day like in my case. The problem with this approach is you are always in training mode, you always behind on your income producing activity.


Do – (Yes, it is must to) Buy new tools or software that is required for your business


Don’t – Buy a new course before you checked thoroughly the old one that you bought yesterday or last week.


3. Information Overload


This is a legitimate problem, as the internet is loaded with tons and tons of free information there is no way you can escape. Forget about multiple sites, tabs etc. Just try to focus on one article how many links you see in one article that drags to multiple sites and places that you never opened in the first place. In online surveys conducted with thousands of people who are trying to make money online this is one of the top reason for them to fail and not making enough or no money at all. There is so much information on the internet about ways to make money online if you keep on reading about it you will soon be frustrated and give up. As there is so much contradictory information. Beware of all the scams out there, when you are getting some information find out about the author before applying it.


Do – Keep a LID (Low Information Diet) Daily.


Don’t – Sit in front of the system if you feel like you are not getting anywhere with a particular topic or information, get out.


4. Get vs. Give


“Always give more in value than what you get paid” – Jim Rohn.
If you are doing everything right and you are still not making money online, then you need to stop for a moment and think about this Get vs. Give. I highly recommend you read the book “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It is a must read to alter your life and your business. If you are in a job you are getting paid for the value, you add to the company. But when it comes to online business your thinking is like show me the money first and then I will do all the work.


Do – Add one piece of content a day that has to be of value to others. Either add it to your website or send an email newsletter or video


Don’t – Think of the $ sign on everything you give.


5. Activity vs. Results


If things don’t add up, then it’s time to start subtracting” – Anonymous
Everyone has only 24hrs in a day and there are so many things you need to do as a person. You need to focus on a few things and the right things that can get you the maximum results. Pareto principle 80/20 rule do the 20% of the work that can produce 80% of results. When you are starting, out there are only two things you need to focus, you need to know exactly what steps to do on a daily basis to get to your goal or you need to be looking for that mentor who can teach you about those steps.


Do – Have a 30 day’s goal, break it down to weekly goal and daily tasks list. Focus on Income Producing Activity. – Writing emails, creating content for website, YouTube videos


Don’t – Wait for the later part of the day to get the most important task, do this the first thing.


6. Get Rich Quick Mentality


This is totally fine you just need to be totally smart about it. The online business opportunity is one of the quickest ways to make money compare to any other business (like we discussed in step one). There is a law of value and there is a law of compensation. You get paid based on how much value you provide to the marketplace, whereas your worth is determined by how many people you serve. So the online business is the one you can add value to lot of people fast. Again, nothing wrong in getting rich quick mentality, but learn the skills and take massive actions to really become rich quickly.


Do – The work necessary and think this is the quickest way to make money


Don’t – Skip steps in the process and keep thinking of a shortcut of this already shortcut to your success


7. Follow the Leader (Mentor)


Why did I keep this at the end. if you don’t get anything else above at least you MUST get this one which will take care of everything else “Model someone who is already successful…because success leaves clues” – Tony Robbins Take a look at your life 99% of people where they are today because of their following the crowd mentality. Go to school, get good grades, get a job. Look at all the leaders they did something different they didn’t just follow the crowd. They are so successful because they do certain things in a certain way. Crowd mentality is “why” whereas Leader mentality is “why not”. Finding a mentor is very, very important for your online business. This can change everything for you and this one step can change all the other steps outlined above.


Do – Find a mentor as soon as possible and just listen to him. Period.


Don’t – Follow multiple mentors at the same time, keep it to 2 or 3 max.