STOP Learning Digital Marketing Courses

affiliate marketing

In this article we are going to look at why you need to “STOP Learning Digital Marketing Course”

Affiliate Marketing

Yes STOP The madness. Seriously there is so much hype going on with everybody telling everyone else to become a digital marketing employee. Its like back in 1999 were everyone wants to become an IT Software Engineer.

Before I get in to the details of why you need to stop learning digital marketing courses, let me tell you a story about “Animal School” – this is a fable written back in 1914 when the industrial revolution started where numerous schools were opened and that is when people started going to school and students were prepared to work in an industrial plant. All the 9-5 culture, different shifts to work and then blue collar, white collar work all started…

Ok let’s look at the “animal school” fable

affiliate marketing

Looking at all the humans starting and going to school, the animals in the forest decided it is time for them also to start a school and need to prepare themselves for the new age industrial revolution.

As you can see in this picture above, I just taken four animals. Eagle which can fly well, Rabbit which can run well, squirrel which can climb well and duck which can swim well. When all the different animals started attending school. Each one was given additional classes on what they are not good at. For example, Eagle was asked to take additional session like special classes and lots of home work on how to climb a tree. Similarly, Rabbit was given additional classes on how to fly, swim, climb etc. This goes on for other animals as well.

At the end of school year, the animals found out that “schools are meant to remind them what are all the things that they are NOT good at” Finally you become “jack of all trades but master of none” simply put you are an “average duck”

Now if you look at all the digital marketing courses and the course curriculum taught in different reputed institutions they do the similar stuff.

Online Marketing Concept

Which I call it “Old School in New Format”. They teach you all different topics and you learn little bit about everything but at the end of six months you either get confused what to do next

Or you say “I know nothing?”

That is why I said “STOP Learning Digital Marketing Courses” instead “Specialize” in specific topic.

Who gets paid well general physician or a heart surgeon. You get the point you must specialize in a certain areas of digital marketing.

There is a concept called “T-Learning” you learn few things but you go very deep and be a specialist.

Think Alternate Do Affiliate (T.A.D.A)

What is the alternate?
There are three major ways anyone can make an income online. Couple of decades ago when people want to start home based business it took lot of work, good investment and you can work only from your home.

In recent times with the power of internet we can start a business from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. It is called as lifestyle business and people who do this business are called lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Three ways to make money online

Sell Your Own Products (eCommerce). As you can see in the picture you need to sell lot of brown boxes around the globe in order to make an income. You need to be active in your business to make consistent income with this model

Sell Advertisements (Adsense), here you need create lot of websites and make in cents with google Adsense. This can be passive income but the amount you can make is less compare to the amount of work you put in.

The last model is
Sell Other People’s Products (Affiliate Marketing) in this model you can make lot of money with same amount of work and it can become your passive income stream if you do it right. More on that here.

This is the model I recommend as an alternate to learning digital marketing courses

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is Finder’s Fee or Thank You Fee for finding the visitor or customer to a company or a product it can be digital or physical. You make money when someone purchases from your affiliate link, whatever the cost of the product you make a percentage of that sale price as a commission.

Different parties involved in an affiliate marketing business are..

1. Creator – The company or the product owner who created the product that you are going to promote
2. Network – Affiliate marketing network like Click Bank or JVZoo etc.. where the product owners list their products for anyone to promote. This is optional that some companies or product owners may or may not use the network.
3. Affiliate – This is where you and I can begin our affiliate marketing journey, you become an affiliate to any one or multiple products and start earning commission for making a sale.
4. Buyer – The actual person who buys the product that your promoting.

5 Basic Steps in Affiliate Marketing

1. Pick a Niche
2. Pick a Product
3. Find Your Ideal Customer
4. Drive Traffic
5. Conversion

STEP 1 : Find Your Niche

A niche is something that a group of people all have in common

3 Types of Niches
1. Evergreen Niche : A Niche that is there always no matter what part of world, what month of the year or what age etc. etc.. Evergreen niches are Health, Wealth and Relationship niches. I am sure anyone would be interested in one or all of these three niches.

2. Hot Trend Niche : This is a niche where something BIG happening like a soccer world cup or cricket world cup or Olympics or something similar in your own area where you live where suddenly a large number of people are interested for a short period of time. The products related to that specific event is called hot trend niche. This kind of niche you can make a large of money in a short amount of time, but you need to know when to get it and get out. So I wouldn’t recommend this niche for beginners.

3. Micro Niche: This niche belongs to a small group of people who are very passionate about a specific thing and willing to pay for it. For example tattoo niche it is not a wide common niche but there are people who would pay 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars to learn or buy products related to tattoo. If you yourself passionate about one of the niches in micro niche then this is definitely a very profitable niche for beginners. You don’t feel like working as you are doing what you love and make money.

STEP 2: Identify Your Product

When you are looking for a product to promote in a specific niche that you selected in the 1st step, you need to look for the following…

Must be in HUGE demand – promote products that are huge in demand
Must be Competitive – It is competitive because lot of people promoting it because they are making good money. So it is good to have a competitive product to promote
Good Commission – High Paying affiliate products are highly recommended to make real income online.

Something You Believe – this is very important because selling is transference of feelings

STEP 3: Identify your ideal customer

one of the main reason people fail not just in online business but also applies to any business is not finding the right customer to sell their product or service. It is extremely important that you identify your ideal customer before you start promoting the product.

No matter how good your marketing efforts are you can never sell a “6 pack abs product to an eighty year old”. Surprisingly when I was searching the same in google found this 80 year old with 6 packs so the only customer you could possibly get has already got the 6 pack abs.

STEP 4: Get Traffic

There are many different ways to get the traffic once you know your ideal customer. Some of the common ways people get traffic for there promotions are as follows.

Solo Ads
Pay per click (PPC)
Banner Ads
Video Ads
Live Events

STEP 5 : Conversion

This is final and very important step to make money in your business. You need to know your product and customer so well that you know the challenge or problem that your customer trying to solve more than your customer. You should be able to map out the entire journey like where they are today to where they can be after they make the purchase of the product that you promote. So here are the five steps

1. Know Your Product
2. Know Your Customer
3. Biggest Challenge
4. How Your Product Solve
5. Map Out the Journey

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
Why am I so passionate about affiliate marketing, because this is one of the best opportunity for anyone to start their entrepreneurial journey because…
No Major Investment
No Customer Service
No Accounting
No employees
You can start now
You are your own boss

The last one your own boss is both boon and a curse, because sometimes it is better to have a boss to do things that are uncomfortable and complete tasks or projects on time because your boss is behind your back to push you.

In Conclusion, you know why you need to stop learning digital marketing courses and what is the alternative you can pursue in this digital economy. This online business is something which can never go into recession because it has no boundaries the whole world is your customer base and you can always find someone in some part of the world as your customer to buy the product that you promote.

Why wait start your online affiliate marketing business today.

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