Top 5 Best Social Media Platform For Affiliate Marketing

Platform For Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Platform For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a profitable online business model that anyone interested in making money online can start today with zero to minimal investment.

It is a form of marketing where there is an agreement between a creator and a promoter. Products or services are created by a creator or company, people like you and me does the promoting through a specific link, and when there is purchase through that link, affiliate marketer like you and me will be written check from the creator or the company who owns the product or service.

Below are the top 5 social media platforms for affiliate marketing to make money online.


Facebook has helped to change the face of affiliate marketing and as well the way people purchase consumer products. It’s rare these days to see someone not on Facebook, from young to old. If you want to reach out to a large audience, then Facebook is one of the most visited websites and favorite apps is the best platform for you. People will be able to see your posts and updates, like them, interact with them, comment on them and can also share them. And there is a Facebook Algorithm in which, the more authentic interaction you get, the more the post will be seen by others. You will enjoy a profitable affiliate sales with well-crafted updates, posts, and ads.

Pros and cons involved in Facebook as asocial media for affiliate marking to make money online are:


1.    Dialogue can be created between your services and your audience. It can lead to stronger bonds between both parties with excellent marketing skills.

2.    It is very useful in sharing links and short messages or long information with your audience.

3.    You can create events reminder and provide a platform where your audience can be invited to various happenings.


1.    As the platform continues to grow more popular, the cost of maintenance has skyrocketed.

2.    Places to give away products on your wall cannot be provided by Facebook

3.    Facebook has lost its control over who posts information or what is on the posts. One is vulnerable to unappealing and degrading posts on brand’s wall and as a marketer, upholding and maintaining the image of your brand is a priority.



1.    Visual of what you offer can be given to the customers. On the internet today, pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. Visual graphics do a lot more than paragraphs contents.

2.    It makes it easier to share brands information: the positive impression made by your picture propels the chances of it going viral thereby receiving new and exciting visitors on your platforms.

3.    Many marketers don’t see it as a priority which gives you an edge to target an audience that others within your industries are not targeting.

4.    Compare to any other social media platform, Instagram has been growing quickly.

5.    It mostly used on a mobile phone making you become part of an effective social media platform that offers contents easy to share on mobile phones.


1.    Your targeted audience might not have an Instagram account: Instagram is mostly dominated by younger age demographics.

2.    The barriers to entry of image uploads using mobile or PC can be troublesome.

3.    Limited space for additional contents: it is difficult to create a comprehensive company bio on this platform making it difficult for followers to get to know who you are. This means that brands messages are mostly through images or short videos which can be expensive if you want quality ones.


Twitter is a microblogging system that allows a registered member to send and send receives short posts called tweets. Tweets may be up to 140 characters long and may link to pertinent websites and resources.

More than 302 million people use twitter, and over 500 million tweets are sent out every day, there are lots of spectators that are interested in learning about industry schemes and actively want to be kept in the loop with updates. So frequent tweeting will help affiliate marketers reach to customers or clients easier than ever before.


Easy to create: you can write and send in less than a minute

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform. Ideas, feelings can be shown while promoting the value of your brands. Due to the limitless amount of texts that can be written below a picture, affiliate marketers can spend time explaining in details what their services entail. The pros and con involved are:

Analytics: measures and boost impact on Twitter

Twitter cards: websites card and leads generation a card helps to attract more engagement.

Automation: you can tweet in advance to save time using various tools.

It’s possible to go viral: blog post, text-based tweets, videos and images attached to the right hashtag or placed in front of the right people will possibly go viral. Because it’s not necessary you attach your photo to your account or reveal your name, the Twitter community is much interactive and interesting.

Twitter is a free customer support channel: customer today now knows that if the quicker way they can get a response from the organization their message is by directly messaging their twitter account. So affiliate marketing that can manage twitter account during working hours tends to respond to clients question quickly and eventually drive more customers to your page.


Is not suitable for professional business: affiliate marketing might find it difficult using twitter due to the limitation of characters to just 140.

Twitter ads are limited: contrary to Facebook which offers you numerous ad objectives, targeting options, and also a free files of images, Twitter ad though efficient but are not on the same level.

Quick response: some customers are impatient, so they expect to be responded to promptly on Twitter. So affiliate marketing that does not respond quickly to the customer might not earn as those that do.

Twitter is great, but not for everyone: No doubt that Twitter is a strong social media platform full of beneficial features and tools for most businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.


Pinterest is an image-based social media network which allows users and businesses to promote and explore their interests by pinning images and videos on virtual bulletin boards. Pinterest has proving to be a highly-effective selling tool for online businesses due to its visual nature and retail-friendly audience. It is important that you follow all rules if you are posting affiliate links on Pinterest because you can be marked as spam if you fail to pin appropriately and make the required disclosures which will make you lose followers.

Affiliate marketing is for sure allowed on Pinterest, and it’s an easy side hustle that can increase your income in no time. Just be right in the way you do it, and you will be counting your money all the way to the bank.


It is easy to use: Share already pinned items, share your own easily on web or mobile, and discovery of fascinating things will be easy.

Most of the population are visual people. Sharing links of your affiliate market is just perfect.

Contrary to other social media platform where posts can get lost under other content, your affiliate link or a good piece of content on Pinterest can continue to be seen by users for long-term and continue to yield more positive results years after it was originally posted


Pinterest has been in existence for a while now, and there is numerous content on it. So there is a chance that your affiliate link or content may get lost in the shuffle.

If your target demo is men, this may not be the best social media for you

Building a good Pinterest page, which involves creating multiple boards, and requires lots of authentic or curate content optimised for the network, can take a lot of work.


LinkedInis a professional networking site with over 300 million users. It helps to build connections, land deals, post jobs and find candidates for many businesses.

LinkedIn provides solutions the issues of getting connections and meeting people in your industry. You can likewise support people with recommendations and join groups.But know that you can get more than you put in LinkedIn.  


LinkedIn is simple to understand. It is one of the best social media networks for business people.  It is an effective means of networking business, and such draws many professionals.

LinkedIn has introduced a platform known as Pulse. Pulse enables users to post blogs that are specifics for people to their industry. LinkedIn pulse helps to share your content with people it thinks might be interested in it.

LinkedIn allows setting up of a business page which helps affiliate marketer reach to customers more easily and eventually boost sales.

LinkedIn has improved its mobile application. Trying to draw users who increasingly prefer their smartphone to desktop computers. The app is called Voyager, which is designed for people using Android and iOS, aimed at simplifying the mobile experience and affiliate marketers can use it as well in reaching to consumers who prefer smartphone.


A total number of active users is far below that of Facebook, and this can affect the sales of affiliate marketing.

LinkedIn runs a multi-tier membership program. Basic membership is enabled to run limited sorts of searches on other users, likewise maintaining a profile and directly contact member within the user’s network. The user has to pay a monthly fee to be able to access more advanced features.


Using the above social media platform will certainly boost the sales of affiliate marketer, but It is also important that affiliate marketer know full well that making money on social media is not necessarily easy. Your chance of making more money and becoming successful will be far greater if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and willing to work hard. All social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages, but they are subjective and differ across the business. So if you are not sure whether Instagram is right for you, make findings on your competitors to see how they are using Instagram to generate sales.

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