Top Ten Niches For Your Online Affiliate Marketing Business

How do you identify a profitable niche?

The answer couldn’t be simpler.. Any niche that has a large following, that provides a solution to a problem faced by millions, and has enough products or services that you could promote is where the money lies.

Presenting here the top ten sure shot niches :

#Niche 1-Health and Fitness: Everyone wants to be fit, healthy and looking their best and are constantly looking for products and services online. There’s an unlimited list of sub sects to choose from , the most profitable niche in this segment would be without doubt , Weight loss : There is a never ending list of services and products available online for weight loss that people would be ready to invest on. There’s always the long term goals and the quick fixes before big events that all of us would do anything to look great for. Men and women follow this niche with equal passion . Personal trainers , diets, supplements, equipments, alternative medicine to name a few sub niches. You could choose a niche from this segment that hasn’t been explored enough, a niche that has a huge untapped customer base.
Other topics of interest under this segment would be :
• Alternative medicine for health.
• Managing Diabetes
• The Keto diet
• Cosmetic surgeries post weight loss.
• Depression
• Wellness Spas and Retreats
• Reducing belly fat
• Treating obesity in children
• Sexual health
• Healthy skin and hair
The field is yours to play. Let your creativity flow.
#Niche 2-Travel:
People want to travel to exotic, remote locations around the world and it’s no surprise that they turn to the internet for all their arrangements. Where else would they go? Travel includes a vast range of services . Think of expensive activities like golf, sailing, fishing, travel, hunting. And expensive holidays and travel like cruises, safaris, round the world trip. People are buy new equipment, tools and gear for their passions and sports while travelling. They are willing to pay for training and guides or activities that spice up their experience. This is a passion that people are waiting to spend for. There are endless sub niches in this category if you are creative enough. Hotel bookings, travel arrangements , local amusements, service and products.
#Niche 3-Making money online
Peolple from all walks of life are looking for opportunities to make money online, the employed and unemployed alike. They search fervently for topics like “ work from home “ , “ get rich quick” but are left with no viable answers. You could present them with detail guidance with blogs and videos on the different possible options to make money. You could tap into the many online resources to teach young entrepreneurs how to maximize their profits in their respective fields. When backed by experts in their given fields, these tutorials and lectures are visited by countless people on the internet every single day.
Other topics under this good niche include:
• How to make money from blogging
• How to make money through YouTube videos
• Online gambling
• Internet marketing guides
• Forex trading tips
• How to make money online from home
People don’t think twice about investing on what would make profits for them in the long run. And plus human greed makes sure that it is a evergreen and sustainable market.
#Niche 4- Romance :
Who doesn’t want to be romanced and loved? Love, romance and companionship are never out of need. People need ways to find new partners, improve existing relationships, advice on their relationship issues, marriage counseling, or just have some fun without strings attached. It is indeed one of the most lucrative niches. The romance niche largely focuses on dating – a service which caters to people of all genders and age groups. There are books, and useful info about meeting new people and advancing relationships everywhere. List of products for romance and adult adventures are endless. The market if filled with innovative and fun products coming up everyday. This niche even links to the health and wellness niche when individuals and couples seek advice on sexual health. The massive number of websites that cater to this industry alone is enough to show you how big of a niche romance is on the internet. But more than that, relationships and social interaction will always be a constant need of people, more so now in the internet age than ever. It cannot be stressed enough how there will always be people who’ll be more than willing to invest in services and products that’ll increase their chances of finding a companion online.
#Niche 5- Gaming
In every home , the phones, Television and computers are flooded with games . This shows our need for entertainment in our work packed lives. The rise of smart phones and other portable devices has made mobile gaming one of the most profitable industries, which also means it’s a rich starting point for those venturing into affiliate marketing. There are games catering to every age and segment. It’s no longer limited to kids as it used to be. Consumers constantly look for product reviews to help them identify the right games according to their different tastes and preferences in genres and game styles. And that’s definitely something an affiliate marketing website can capitalize on. Gaming, however, extends to a wider spectrum, so other product niches are: • Top mobile games • Game walkthroughs and strategy guides • Online gambling • Top free Steam games • Gaming forums And with communities of gamers rising , they constantly need updates ,whether you’re talking about e-sport level games or your casual mobile games , again something that affiliate marketers can work upon.
#Niche 6- Hobbies
How often do we find ourselves looking for Do –it – yourself tutorials or cool life hacks that we use at home. These sites have a crazy following and the sub topics that fall under this niche are left to your creativity . It could just be anything under the sun. With that being said, here are some examples: Arts and crafts, beauty and fashion, home gardening, gun collecting,survival guides,woodworking, writing, photography, learning languages etc Even though these hobbies might vary from each other, they all involve some product or service in one way or another. And because hobbies are naturally things that people love to do, you should go for those great niche ideas, which means you might want to look into those niches that interest middle to high-income consumers who have money to spare.
#Niche 7: Self-development
Motivational videos are always searched for. People drink out of it literally. It’s a natural human trait that we need to be pushed and inspired when we are low or in self doubt. This also includes communication skills, soft skills, language skills. This is a huge market as everyone is under pressure to constantly improve themselves. Hence, if you can put up videos to motivate, or write well on self-improvement your page will be a total hit.
#Niche 8: Information Technology
If technology is your interest and you are well informed . This might just be your jackpot! Not everyone is technologically updated. But everyone likes to know more about technology. It is the big thing today and will be in the future. This is a broad niche and can have any number of sub niches like latest in laptops and PCS, smartphone, apps, iphone and android.
#Niche 9: Food and Cooking
Internet has turned out to be the number one place to learn cooking ! It has replaced our moms and grand moms who taught us this basic skill. Almost everyone we know looks up the internet for recipes . Everyone on the planet is connected with food. This niche is evergreen and great place that people will always flood to. You could also write reviews of restaurants, what to order where and pop up in high ranked review.
#Niche 10- Entrepreneurship
This is an era where more and more people are turning to entrepreneurship . More start-ups and small businesses are fighting for success. You could write about success stories, funding options , Best VCs and much needed information for start-ups in general or create a forum. For affiliates, this is another increasingly lucrative affiliate niche to get involved in. Available products range from advice to practical products that help startups get started
Your choice of Niche is a deciding factor in your success, persistent efforts, focus and ambition should make you a winner.