Top Two Reasons People Fail In Online Business

online business failure

#1 Attractive Marketing

I want to introduce you to a new concept called “Repulsive Marketing”.

You need to start pushing out people that you don’t want in your business.

Yes you heard me right you move away from people that you don’t want so you can concentrate more on people that you do want.

Think about Apple vs. Samsung consumers. Not all of them like Apple or Samsung, but they got enough loyal consumers.

You too need just enough (to make your first $1000, $100K, $1MM or more)!

Approach your business like I don’t need them, they need me.

It makes difference in your thinking and you feel lot better when you are sending emails, talking to people etc…Economics

#2 Personal Branding

People buy from People. So don’t just promote products, promote you.

This becomes very hard or almost impossible when you try to be some one else, because you can only act if you try to be someone else and it will go off sooner or later.
So Just be you and create your better you and then Best You.
Once people see who you are, why do you exist and why do someone else should care. Then you are unstoppable.
Remember when you are promoting you with a product it sets the stage for who you are in the marketplace, So the product should be solid which must produce results, the People behind the product should be rock solid leadership and then off course the money the comp plan should be great too.

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