Truth About Traffic

In this video presentation we are going to see about traffic generation.



First I want to start off with “Truth About Traffic”


So many talk about FREE Traffic


Let me tell you the truth there is NO FREE Traffic.

you either spend money or you spend your time.

Free traffic means you are spending too much time to get that traffic and that’s not free.


organic traffic is dying. You know by your post reach on fb.


SEO – Another TIME consuming activity which I don’t recommend all this time you can spend on creating ads and running paid ads to get predictable results.


Economics – The Missing Ingredient


When people talk about business they talk about traffic + conversion = sales

But they miss the important ingredient which is economics


You could be spending $500 on traffic and make some sales, but what if that sales made you a profit of only $250. Then even though you had traffic + conversion = sales.

It is not profitable.


That is why you need to understand the

Value of Traffic – How do you determine the value of traffic, by looking into LTV of a customer. What is the maximum amount of money you can potentially make from your customer.

Volume of Traffic – The business is always numbers game, when you bring in certain number of people to your offer, there will be a percentage of people who are going to buy. So you need to understand that number and decide on volume of traffic you need to get in order to see results.

Quality of Traffic – This is very critical, I see people go for cheap traffic thinking about low cpc, low lead cost. These are good but these are not all what is most important is the cost per acquisition. In order to have a low cpa you may be spending high cpc or lead cost. But that is the point. You need to look for that quality traffic in order to get buyers not just leads.


Three Types of Traffic

Traffic You Control
Traffic You Don’t Control
Traffic You Own

Traffic You Control (you send it to squeeze page)
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Solo Ads
Banner Ads

Traffic You Don’t Control (you send it to blog)
Social Media
Search Engines

Traffic You Own
This is what you own so all the traffic you control and you don’t control when they are interested in what you offer, they opt-in and become your subscriber or followers that’s when they become your own traffic.
Then you can do email marketing or build your fb group or your own membership sites etc…


Advanced Traffic Methods

I don’t recommend if you are someone starting like me. I started my online journey without even having my own fb account. So if are brand new and starting this online business then these are for latter. In case you are already good at videos, instagram or snapchat etc.. then go ahead.


Best Practices

Don’t try too many traffic sources at the same time
Don’t buy bulk leads
Don’t buy solo ads when you are just starting
Quality vs. Quantity

Think of quality instead of quantity in the beginning, it is still a numbers game but when you are starting you need to start learning by doing. So do everything you can with a small number of people.

Start Small and then Scale once you become comfortable and know what you are doing.

I am teaching from my own experience. I spent a lot on quantity instead of focusing on quality, so I ended up with nothing at the end. I had more than 10K leads in few months but I didn’t know what to do with them, so ended up losing all of them.

Best Traffic Source to Start

You know by now.. I only recommend paid traffic.

You can start with PPC either google or facebook, again my recommendation is fb.

Start with $5 dollars a day.

Learn how to place an ad, how to write ad copy, how to create ad images that people will click etc..


That’s all in this video, hope you got some value out of this training.

Thanks for watching. Have a great day.