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WP Theme – a Multi-Purpose and Creative Theme for Your Website

In this competitive World, everyone must adopt a smart strategy to stand out from the Crowd. Blogging is one such marketing strategy that plays a paramount role in the success of every enterprise.

Do you know the importance of WP themes in Websites? Merely creating a blog is not much effective and so it must be designed with marvelous themes to attract the visitors towards the webpage. The first impression of your blog brings a huge impact in the midst of visitors.

A well-designed blog theme exhibits your authority and shows your personality to the public. In order to reap these benefits, bloggers make use of WordPress (WP) themes to grab a number of audiences. Let us have detailed information on the WordPress theme in this article.

What is mean by WordPress Theme?

WordPress Theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets that are mainly used to create an admiring look for a website or blog. These themes are customizable and so you can change, manage and update the appearance of the site.

Each theme has its own layout, design, and features enabling you to select the desired one. There are a plethora of WP themes are available from which you can choose either the free themes or a paid version for better experience.

The main features of WordPress themes are responsive design, multiple page styles, social sharing, theme customization, auto upgrade, and support.

Why You Need WP Themes?

WordPress themes are the most famous one that is widely used to present a text in a stylish manner and to make an interaction for the blog readers. Here are some of the reasons why someone needs WP themes for their blog.

Visual Impact – The WP themes are capable of giving a visual impact to the users and make them visit the blog again to know the required information. So, you can increase the rate of visitors to your site or blog.

Free WordPress Themes- There is many WP themes for free which are much better than other themes that are available online. So, you could save money on purchasing themes for your blog.

Easy to Use – The WordPress themes has easy to use a feature that enables the user to choose the desired theme, copy the theme code and paste that code into the respective site. So, even beginners can benefit more from WP themes.

High-Quality Themes– WP themes are designed in a good manner and even the free themes have high-quality look. So, you don’t want to rely on other themes that charge you more for the quality themes.

Variety of themes – There is a huge number of WP themes that can be utilized in your site based on the content of the blog. Hence, you could make a creative look to your site with different styles of themes.

These are the major reasons that you need WP themes for your blog over other themes. It is best for the bloggers or business owners who want to create a site within a low budget.

Who can benefit from WP themes?

The WordPress themes are more beneficial for bloggers and business owners who want to maintain an effective website. Especially, the WP themes give hand to the small business owners to publish their brand and offer the best user experience to the customers. Such a business website must be designed well to grab the attention of the visitors and convert them into potential customers. The major benefits of WP themes are

Free of Cost

The WordPress themes are free of cost which can be used by everyone for creating an expressive design. They are available online in which you can opt out the best theme that suits your need, download, install and start to use.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is more essential for all business owners to attain higher rankings in the search engine results. The blog that is uploaded in your site can also improve the rate of visitors and also helps in the content management system.

The other benefits of WP themes are

  • Responsive Design
  • Higher Security
  • Easy transition of designs
  • Best for social media integration
  • Allows the user to update the site anywhere

My ThemeShop

My ThemeShop is one of the top-notch WP themes that are available for a premium. You can purchase this theme as an individual or take the membership option to obtain access. In fact, the My ThemeShop possesses over 300,000 satisfied customers for its better support and catalog of 90 themes with 20 plug-in.

Features and Benefits of My ThemeShop

  • My ThemeShop’s themes are light as well as coded efficiently and so it gives you faster-loading speed
  • Their themes are built with advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Markup languages
  • It can easily help in search engine optimization
  • Themes have rich design and professional look suitable for all blogs
  • My ThemeShop themes are mobile-friendly
  • It can support all kinds of plug-in
  • The multi-language feature of My ThemeShop permits the user to translate the themes in their native language.

Some of the commonly used My ThemeShop themes are Magazine style, schema theme, corporate business style theme, e-commerce theme.

My ThemeShop Pricing Plan

In My ThemeShop there are three types of pricing plan in which you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Free theme – It can be used for free forever and most suitable for small business

Single Product – You can pay for the product every year and it is apt for individual bloggers

Extended Membership – You have to pay the premium amount each month and it is ideal for developers as well as agencies


MyThemeShop-review-Responsive-Premium-WordPress-Themes HighEndAffiliateTraining Sathishkrishna
  • My ThemeShop gives you more offers and discounts often
  • Can download free themes on their site
  • Don’t want to rely on plug-in
  • Can use the theme or plug-in for more number of websites with lifetime usage
  • My ThemeShop themes look very stylish and professional


  • Since it has no lifetime access you tend to renew it every year
  • The social share buttons are simple than others
  • Some themes appear to be similar and so you have to search for the unique one.

In customers view, My ThemeShop helps the users with good themes, straight forward transaction, and also the information provided is protected safely. As they frequently update the themes user can get the latest themes and plug-in to create better designs.

Also, they provide the best customer support and HD tutorials for beginners to install it easily. It will be better when the renewal period is removed and if they offer lifetime access to this product.

Source: MyThemeShop

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes are one of the eminent theme designers in the WordPress World. This company offers the conversion oriented themes and plug-in for your websites. These themes can optimize user engagement and actions on your website.

The Thrive theme has conversion focused tools in the form of WordPress plug-in. These plugins are lightweight and easy to integrate into your WordPress sites.

Thrive Themes Pricing Plan

You can purchase the Thrive themes and plug-ins individually based on a number of sites you need to use this product. Otherwise, you can avail thrive membership plan and obtain the accessibility to everything. The pricing plans of thrive membership are single site license, 5 license pack, 15 license pack and thrive membership.


  • The thrive themes are easy to use and you don’t want to be an expert in using the WP themes
  • Text and formatting are simple in thriving which allows you to make the editing in a single click and there is no need to change the code.
  • If you have clear knowledge in editing the pages with HTML and CSS you could do it easily without much effort.
  • With its content template management, you can make different templates and save them in thrive for later use.


  • Support forum in Thrive must be improved to allow users to categorize correctly.
  • Doesn’t allow the users to drag the element with ease
  • You cannot use or save the global content templates
  • It has limited new page templates

In General, thrive themes are suitable for the small business owners for its affordable rate. The user can save more money in not buying the additional plug-in as well as the developers to employ these themes in the site.

When you are not satisfied with the product you can use the 30 days money back guarantee to get back the money. If Thrive improves its drag functions it will be much better for reliable use.

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Source: Thrive Themes

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the essential information that you need to know about My ThemeShop and Thrive themes of WordPress. My ThemeShop and Thrive are the WordPress themes they are the powerful solution to create good looking websites at an affordable price.

Both My ThemeShop and Thrive has its own features and benefits that make them stand out from other theme designers. Hence, you can go through the details of these themes and can opt out the right that suits your business.

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